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Membership cards are available for free to residents of town of Ste. Anne and the R.M. Of Ste. Anne.

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Participate in Reading Programs, Foot Care Clinics and many other events.

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We could use volunteers who are interested in helping Shannon around the library. Please call and speak to Shannon.

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We can help you select books you may truly enjoy.

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  • Ste Anne Library will still be operational through 15 minute curb side appointments and eLibrary is always an option. To find what books we have to offer please use the “Ste Anne Library Lookup” button on the homepage of our website. eLibrary is free to all patrons of Ste Anne Library and can be accessed through the library website, on phones and tablets through apps Libby or Overdrive. To book your 15 minute curb side appointment or get started with eLibrary please call Shannon at 204 422 9958 or by email at library@steanne.ca

We are happy to get support from the Town of Ste. Anne.

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